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What is an electronic catalogue?

An electronic catalogue is an online publication, that is to say a graphic interface -generally an html page in which the products and services offered by a company are showed. Digital catalogues can store great quantities of items, which can be organized and classified into different categories for users to search in a more rapid and effective way.

There are different types of catalogues according to their functions. The simplest catalogues show only descriptions of the products and price lists, and do not enjoy a purchase and payment online method. Others have shopping carts, order forms and offer payment methods. The amount of functions an online catalogue has will determine the price of its development.

The main aims of e-catalogues are to advertise, to sell, to distribute, and to draw the customer’s attention. They are the digital representation of a company and a powerful e-commerce tool. In the e-commerce world we find business-consumer transactions and business to business transactions. In this way, e-catalogues are excellent communication tools between a company and its client, suppliers or other companies. For all these reasons, catalogues became a marketing tool used everyday by different types of organizations.

There are different types of electronic catalogues according to the way they appear on the Internet. Retailer’s e-catalogues are generally independent pages on the Internet, and their aim is to promote and sell products and services. But, big companies generally include their e-catalogues on their general websites. Generally, they are not used as tools for selling but as means to promote products and services and to draw the customer’s attention. There are also malls, that is to say e-catalogue groups –ebay.com for example. In this case, an Internet provider gathers different companies’ digital publications, showing a great number of offers made by the users.


E-catalogues bring many advantages to different companies. Here we show them to you for you to consider catalogues as a promotion tool for your company:

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